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US-backed rebels attack US soldiers


Registered Member
Near the Turkish border, US-backed Syrian rebels were yelling anti-US slogans at the US troops and surrounded them. They claimed there was no place for Christians and Americans among them.
Video shows US troops fleeing as Syrian rebels hurl abuse at them

It's never easy to know who's fighting who in Syria but this even surprised me.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Is this the same Syrians Obama and Clinton are in a hurry to bring here, that will fit in so nicely with our culture.

Most of the time the rebels we back are no better than the people in power. We need to stay out of their business and let them kill each other if that is what they want to do.


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Now you've accidentally bombed the Syrian army, killing 60+ ....
As if things weren't complicated enough.

And the Turks are talking about going into Northern Syria. Though I expect its more to do with bashing the Kurds than IS.

Peace seems further away than ever.