Us and Them


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Dear People,

This is not our remedy, it is theirs. It's only ours when we become them. The medicine is beginning to work. My divine essence is becoming rational conformity. I don't want to be like them; but they fear me, and prepare situations that lead to my destruction. Empty pill packets, edited work, charm, vain praise, and convinced assumption are some of their tactics. I think of organization; the news comes to mind, heartless words to satisfy the readers requirement for shallow truth. The doctors are not telling me the truth. They don't follow me, so they seek to change me into a follower. Karens' genius is denounced as illness; my spirit is in the process of enervation. I'm not like them; my conviction remains, despite falling into the trap that swindles angels. I'm not better, I am worse. The medication is not insulin it is poison. This world is backwards. Synchronicity is your prophesy. Irrationality is your spirituality. Conformity is abdication. Remove the fetters and be yourself. The courage needed to overthrow an inflated minority is unprecedented. The glory of diffusing the truth will bring us content, but how many are willing to hear? Masses are inflicted by pervasive theories, and enslaving regiments propagated by persuasive coercion. I write and blow my horn, for the denigrated souls of those who surrendered to false concepts and medication, not for my own well being, but in the hope to evoke Revolution, in time to prevent predictable dissolution and powerful uniformity that steals our crown daily. Our gift is their curse. The slaves are not happy; they are in submission with an external façade to deal with their internal consternation. Everyone awaits a return, missing their chance to accept the responsibility of continuing unfinished work. My acceptation is my admission and for this I run from vanity, but uptake immense responsibility. Have the courage to change the impossible, and to accept the consequences of the seemingly inevitable. I've provided solution, so do us all, some vocally, some in writing. It is our purpose to act upon these desires. Peaceful Revolution does not sacrifice value, and unites to inundate the fraudulent minority, forcing them to adhere to our Brotherhood.

Forgive me if this is rather an incomplete message, for I am under the influence of medicine that has profoundly adverse side effects. Medication slows me mentally, so I am brought down to the level of mainstream humanity. What I realized is doctors analyze bi polar patients on the basis of their rationality. Rationality is the absence of emotion, so until the patients emotions subside, he is not prepared to enter the emotion inducing world. Treatment basically aims at creating apathetic machines, to prevent empathetically powerful humans. The New World Order knows this. The doctors do not. A leader influences people through emotion. A leader seeks the love and admiration of the people by leading by example, positive reinforcement, and mutual understanding. A ruler makes use of rationality and comes to the conclusion that human nature is irremediably flawed, and that people must be controlled, which in effect, abolishes value. This is the problem. The Empire rules, The Revolution Leads.


Zachary McBride


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You are not a leader and this is not a revolution. You are in need of medication to slow your chaotic thinking. The rush of thoughts feels normal to you. It is comfortable. Without all those thoughts screaming at you, will you be nothing but the hole in the doughnut?


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Tipsy... there is a Revolution. I don't have an illness, I have a gift. Stop thinking like the elated minority.

In addition to encouraging cooperation and merging the disparity between rich and poor, The Revolution will release the restrictions wrought to the internet and merge informational and hopefully intellectual dichotomies by providing free access to all forms of knowledge, with no class, or bureaucratic prejudice.

If national security is the “absence of threat to our major value,” than why does the NSA sacrifice value and limit freedom to achieve security? More sensibly, national security is tactic implementation against threats to property, identity and dominating ideology…

Information is the weapon a ruler uses to attack leaders wisdom. For those lacking in value, it is used as a enforced impediment to the power of wisdom. Wisdom remains defensive, as information is used to deprecate the absolute truth of wisdom.