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Urgent Help


New Member
Hi im an a2 media student. i need to find views on illegal downloading as part of my course. if anyone could take the time to answer the questions below it would be appreciated

1. what are your views on illegal downloading?

2. do you think the actions being taken to prevent downloads are effective or even necessary?

3. do you think the punishments given to convicted downloaders are fair or effective?

thank you for your time


Secret Agent
Staff member
1. It's illegal. If you agree with it or not is out of the question. It's illegal, period.

2. Yes.

3. Everybody still does it. Seems the punishment should be worse if they want to stop people.


New Member
Question 1:
I have to agree with Andrew that if it is illegal, don't do it. The real questions should revolve around "should it be illegal?”
Question 2:
No the actions being taken are not effective in stopping illegal downloading, but that isn't their actual purpose. If a patent or copyright holder does not actively and publicly defend their rights to their products, then they loose those rights and can actually be prevented from profiting from them.
Question 3:
Are the punishments fair? The answer depends on what side of the courtroom you are sitting on, the plaintiff’s or the defendant's, and the circumstances of each case. Sometimes the punishments probably are fair.


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1. I think its fine as long as the person(s) downloading are not using te media for profit.

2. No! That is why it continues to happen around the world.

3. I don't think its fair. Someone who d/l media to use at home shouldn't be zapped with the same punishment as those who d/l the same media to sell and make a profit.
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