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Urban Meyer stepping down...again


I still think that the main reason that he came back this year was because the University kind of strong-armed him to stick around so they didn't lose the recruits that were coming in, and if thats the case it doesn't surprise me that he is leaving now. I will be hoping that now Florida enters into a downward spiral of suckiness. That will make my day.


Haters gonna hate.
They might just hire from within. They have no reason to go out to get a bigger name. But regardless, hopefully Urban enjoys his time off.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Florida hired Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp as their new head coach. I was almost certain they were going to get Dan Mullen, so this is an interesting move but it could be a good one for them.


Registered Member
I agree Echoes, I thought Mullen was the guy for the Gators.

I like the Muschamp hire though, been a coordinator at a very consistent program and deserves his shot at being a head coach. Be interesting to see how it pans out though