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Movies Upside Down (2012)


aka ginger warlock
I have only just come across this film on IMDb and I really cannot wait to see it, before I go on here is a trailer:

Upside Down Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Juan Diego Solanas Movie HD - YouTube

It is in a way the same story of "The Time Machine" in the sense that the dwellers underneath never see light and will never enter the people of the underground but I love that is not what it is all about.

The film stars Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst as two people who in a romeo and juliet style romance cannot be together because society forbids it. What I want to say about this is that yes, it does have amazing special effects but for once it is not a film that has special effects for the sake of them, it has them for a purpose of story telling. I will get shouted at again for disliking Inception as much as I did but rather like this it did not rely on special effects to hide weakness in a story, they were needed.

I am not sure when this will come out but if IMDb is to be believed it will be March 15 in the UK, I am avoid any reviews on this because I really think this is a good film to go in with eyes closed.