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Upsetting Retirements


aka ginger warlock
I was going through a load of my bookmarks on my pc earlier (and who says I don't know how to party it up on a friday night!) and I came across Edges retirement I have bookmarked on you tube, I also watched the Jeff Hardy retirement and both brought a tear to my eye because I love them so much as wrestlers.

There are very few retirements these days that are a shock with facebook, twitter, dirtsheets etc and it takes part of shock away.

From all the retirements you have seen over the years for whatever reason which have stood out for you and why?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Jeff Hardy's retirement? Are you confused with someone else? He's still going strong in TNA right now.

Edge's was the most shocking and disappointing for sure because it was so sudden and out of nowhere. I mean he was the World Champ when he had to step aside.


aka ginger warlock
I know he is still with TNA but I meant his retirement when he lost to CM Punk and was forced to leave, I know a lot of people dislike Hardy but I really enjoyed his work and he will always been in my top five wrestlers of all time.


Registered Member
It sucked to see Edge go. Any wrestler who has to leave because of injury is usually sad to see go. I sometimes think what WWE would be like if Stone Cold didn't have to leave.


Haters gonna hate.
Edge's retirement still leaves a sour taste in my mouth, because of how unexpected it was... I did not see that coming. But he had the respect of the fans and the backstage area to accept his medical condition that forced him to retire.


I am the woolrus
First one that popped to mind for me was Droz. Sure, he might not have been as big a star as Edge was but i think the severity of his injury and the huge changes to his life make it much sadder.

Another one that i'd probably put above Edge at the TIME was Shawn Michaels, when he first retired because of his back injury. Though it might not be seen as being as sad now because he did make his return, and went on to become the greatest of all time (i think anyways!) after he returned, it's still hard not to wonder what he would have achieved had he not missed the 5 prime years of his career.
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