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UPS doesn't work when electricity goes off.


I've been using Power Tree S650BX UPS for about a year now. It has worked perfectly when the electric power went off.
It has no driver CD but given that it hadn't caused any problem [even if it's not configured on the operating system] I didn't bother to look for its drivers on the internet.
Last week I changed the operating system from XP to 7 and when the electricity went off (today) the UPS didn't work and the computer shut down immediately and incorrectly.

I wonder why this happened. Is it related to the OP and the need for configuration on the system?
I don't know where I can download the drivers for free on the internet [if that's what's causing the problem]?


Registered Member
I *highly* doubt that it has anything to do with the Operating System. The reason you link a UPS to the computer is *not* to signal the UPS to provide power, it will do that anyways. On the contrary, the UPS signals to the computer that the power is out so that the computer can shut down before the UPS runs out of juice. There are a number of things that could cause a UPS to fail, including loose connections or a faulty battery. Unfortunately, UPS batteries can go bad very quickly. I would test the UPS by letting it charge up, then cutting the power (you can *usually* just unplug it) and seeing if the computer stays on. The UPS itself might also have a diagnostic test that it can run on itself. I'm not familiar with that particular unit, so I couldn't say for sure, though. If you keep having this problem, I'm sorry to say that you may need a new UPS.

Even though this won't solve the problem you're having, a quick google search should provide links to the drivers if they are available.

A quick google search actually reveals no useful information about your UPS. In the future, I would recommend buying a more mainstream UPS that is more widely supported, like an APC. I normally try not to plug companies I have any kind of prior relationship with, but I'll make an exception here. I worked for Uninterruptible Solutions (Uninterruptible Solutions, New & Refurbished UPS Units APC Smart-UPS, PowerWare) for a summer, and I happen to know that they do quality work and all of their refurbished units are top-notch (they get ones that are lightly used from companies that have high turn-over for such hardware, and, even if the batteries are still good, replace the batteries with brand new ones and run a full suite of tests). They're a small, family-run operation, and I personally know the owner (his brother was a classmate of mine), so I would recommend them if you're looking for a cheap replacement, or even if you want to call them with questions about your UPS.


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Yeah, that sounds like the batteries are off. Depending on the quality of the batteries, they may need replacement after 1 or 2 years. Really good batteries may last 3 years.