Upon hearing new bands...


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When I listen to a new band or artist, I try to look up their background/biographical information. It's kind of a strange habit for me. Sometimes I find interesting things about them.

Does anyone else do this, or do you just don't care?


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I look them up on Wikipedia to see the hits they've had, the albums they've made and to get a general feel for them.


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I used to use Pandora along with Wiki. Pandora spits out artists, and Wiki tells me info.

I've seen many bands that just came out with one off-style single. I look them up to find that they're really an emo band or a not-so-great indy band.


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Pandora is awesome. If it didn't try to error on me every time I used a full-screen program, I'd love to continue using it to discover new bands. =]

I've never really gone into detail when researching my favorite bands (save for my absolute favorite), but now I'm interested in going to find out more about them. Yay for newfound curiosity!


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I'll look into them if I start to listen to them a lot. I researched Dispatch as soon as I started to dig their music, for example.