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Upload Image error and question


I tried to upload an image and I got the following error message. . . . . . .

Manage Attachments
Upload Errors
You have already attached this file in thread : I Might Get A Dog Soon

A person can only upload an image just once on this site ??

IMHO that makes no sense to me at all, am I missing something ???


yellow 4!
That's odd, I've never heard about/seen that before :S makes no sense..

How are you uploading it? There's a few different methods so maybe just try something else and we'll ask Brix about it when he's not so busy.


Well-Known Member
You could always just try linking back to the one that you already uploaded.

I would assume that it has to do with hard drive space on the server if it's not some weird error.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I remember seeing other members make multiple attachments in a thread, so I think it is possible to make an attachment more than once in a thread.