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PC Games Uplink - Hacker Elite


AKA Ass-Bandit
This is a great game. Basic background story is that you've been invited to become an Uplink agent, a freelance hacker that accepts from people wanting something done which isn't quite legal. There is a main story in it, but you're not forced into it and can do it at your leisure. Jobs can vary from something simple (cracking into a system to delete/copy files) to something harder (steal money from a bank account). You can upgrade your gateway system to have better hardware, software, and security (in case someone tries to get your home IP address from your gateway system). You can also do things in your own time, like crack into a companies system and delete all their important files for fun.

Main website can be found here and a short demo of the game can be found here.

Does anyone else here play this?


Played it and beat it back in college. Fun, but the interface is actually a little counterintuitive. if you buy it now, you get the developers kit and can make your own missions. Fun times.