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Upgrading my graphics card


Problematic Shitlord
Okay so I do not know what is compatible. Talk to me like an idiot, I need to upgrade from this awful graphics card I have (and from what I've been told, I'll need a new power supply too). Can someone give some price effective suggestions? I heard even upgrading to a GeForce 9600 would be a significant improvement.

HP Desktop p6130y
AMD Phenom 9750 Quad Core Processor 2.4Ghz
64-bit OS Windows Vista Home Premium
NVidia GeForce 9100


Registered Member
I'm no expert on the matter, but as far as naming convention goes with NVidia.

If you're looking for decent GPU performance, avoid anything lower than a x600 (old scheme) or x60.

I'm a little out of date as far as the current generations go, but my CPU (a Phenom 9950 BE @2.6) is bottlenecking my GTX280.

For what you'll pay;perhaps £50 for a 9600 [yeah, sorry, I'm British]... you may as well spend twice that, get a GTX460 and end up with perhaps 3-4fold the performance and futureproof for a few years at the same time.

Mind, your CPU would easily be the bottle neck in this configuration, but provided you go PCI-E (the only option for GTX cards now, I believe), you can just take your GPU forward to a new system if you must, or even go for another CPU upgrade.


Problematic Shitlord
I got a GT430 and my performance has skyrocketed. I also didn't have to swap out power supplies. So I'm good but I appreciate the feedback!
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