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"Updates are ready for your computer."


Registered Member
I am sick of this damned message continuously popping up telling me that I have an update to activate.

FUCK OFF YOU BASTARD - My computer is working just fine, leave me alone.

I swear something is wrong, every time I turn it on it's telling me this. I keep sorting them out and restarting and that. I don't even know what it's updating. Nothing seems to change - I mean, what the frigg? Is there a virus out there that just makes this bubble pop up.

I mean, I'm pretty crap with the 'super-boffin' sides of computers, so I may have done something wrong to it. But it's just irritating. FUCK OFF YOU BLOODY MESSAGE!

Erm, I don't know if I'm asking for advice here or what - I simply felt the urge to drop this off. Maybe it'll prevent me throwing my monitor out of the window.


aka ginger warlock
What OS are you using? If you are using XP there is a way you can tell it not too:

If you go into your control panel double click on "automatic updates", you can then choose if and when you choose you update. Also when the auto update screen appears you can do a manual or automatic update, this will then let you choose with updates you wish to install but I would be very wary of not updating at all, if you are using a Windows machine I would recommend the updates for the OS themselves, they are important especially the Service Packs, if you really don't trust them create restore points. If you have any questions just ask :)


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Yeah there are plenty of viruses that try to tell you to update your computer, typically they run from a browser or they have severe grammatical errors making it obvious that it's a virus.

But also consider that it may not be a virus, there are tons of updates for windows that just slightly update the code in order to prevent viruses, with updates like these you won't notice any performance difference in Windows but you may be more susceptible to malware and viruses if you don't get the update.

Can we get a screenshot of what it looks like?

My dad actually just started having a very similar problem about 20 minutes ago (no joke) he's running Vista, I've identified it as a virus.

Your case may be different, so let's get a picture.

If it really is Automatic Updates then DO NOT turn it off, I can't stress that enough.


Registered Member
*looks for the screenshot button* - Nope can't find it. Honestly, that sorta thing is above me.

Basically, no performance issues have cropped up. It's just that the bubble in the corner keeps popping up, so I notice it, and - maybe I'm neurotic - it's getting on my nerves.
I just kept presuming that the updates may just be necessary, so I just keep adding them. Nothing's gone wrong yet as far as my computer goes, it ain't wigged out or blown up or anything - I'm probably being a bit melodramatic with it. I think I might tinker about a bit, and see about getting the bubble turned off. And check the updates on a regular basis etc. If I can work that out. Control Panel right?

*looks like idiot*


aka ginger warlock
Don't ever appologise for not being sure HES, if you don't know you don't know, if anyone ever has a go at you ignore them, we are more than willing to help :)

As for screen shots, on your keyboard you should have a key that says "prtscr", press that once then go into something like paint, once in paint paste into paint and it will paste in an image of whatever was on your screen at the time, you can then save it as an image onto your pc and upload it to a site like google picasso or imageshack. I would recommend using them though, if you have any questions by all means ask.


*looks for the screenshot button* - Nope can't find it. Honestly, that sorta thing is above me.
Just press [Shift] and [Print Screen] buttons at the same time to get a screen shot then go to windows paint and paste it there then save it and uploaded it here.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
I feel your pain and it is annoying. I get done with one update and get asked again a few hours later. Thought my computer was having short term memory or something.

I think I have set some of my apps to auto update and some, on prompt. What annoys me more is after an update it asks you to restart pc and I say "later" because I'm in the middle of something and the prompt goes on and on (I guess i can say they're good at reminding you). But one time I clicked on restart now by mistake and lost what I was currently working on. dUh.