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Discussion in 'NBA' started by Celtic Fan, Jun 19, 2007.

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    I don't see Hawes as a lottery pick. He has solid athleticism. But he's only good at offense and his defense is quite lacking because of his strength. It's better for him to wait a year of two. Or has he already signed an agent?
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    the date of withdrawal was monday.
    anyone who's still in, is in.
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    Oh my bad. I haven't been up to date with the draft lately. :sad:
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    no worries. that's why I mentioned it ;)

    yeah Hawes seems like a reach, but sometimes a team falls in love with a player and think he'll fit the team.

    personally I think he's gonna be a bust or average at best.
  6. andrew_bishop

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    I agree with Celtic Fan. I don't see him being that big of a star , A guy that is nice for a team but one that you don't for sure NEED.
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    See this is the site I look at for Mock Draft and it's been very accurate in my mind in the past. http://nbadraft.net/ they have the Celtics selecting Jeff Green which I believe is a good pick for them he has had great work outs and he would be a good addition in my mind.
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    They could put him at powerforward and then run and gun gameplay:
    pg: Rondo
    sg: G.Green
    sf: Pierce
    pf: J.Green
    c: Al Jefferson

    Al Jefferson will need to tone down his body though. I can't see him in his current shape play 60+ games with the run and gun offense.

    Other than that the Celtics don't need another wingplayer, they got Wally, Green and Pierce. Though Wally missed a shitload of games I think he'll come back next year. So IF the Celts draft him they'll turn him into a Lamar Odom type of player.

    nbadraft.net ranks players on talent and potential not nessesarily on the need of teams imo.
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    Espn is reporting that the C's are gonna nab Brewer.. he's like #4 on my list of wants behind Horford, Green and Noah (Yikes) because they all have size.

    I don't see the C's being a big running team. More like run when it's opportune.

    Jefferson is not a runner, but he's the 2nd best player on the team and the future of the team.
    unless Ainge does trade him for KG.... ugh

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