Update your userbars people



I don't put anyone's userbar in my sig, just because I like a bunch of users here and I don't want a huge sig.

Side note:

You're wall of shame says look up the posts of these people; I can't find TonyPassa, what did he do?


Thanks... but it didn't seem he did anything that bad in those posts, his bad posts must have gotten deleted forever I guess.


Certified Shitlord
Damn, forgot about that . . . basically, he went fuckin' berserk (no exaggeration) because he got pissed over a topic of his that got moved and started flaming, flooding, and starting topics with titles like:

"Hey fucking scum sucking asshole admins"

He kept asking to get his account deleted, but no one was around to do it so he continued to flood the boards and started yelling things like "I'M BEING KIDNAPPED!!" "I'LL GET MY ATTORNIES AND SHUT THIS FUCKIN PLACE DOWN."

It was damn hilarious. Apparently, Mal and I continuously telling him to just get the hell out didn't work.
Holy hell TonyPassa...I remember that day. GOd back when I was a Mod....that guy was a nut case....

Screw him. :)

So got a questoin how do we add userboards?