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Upcoming Expansion application.


Registered Member
July 6th will be the day which suitors can apply for expansion process for the NHL.

There are currently 3 people already in the open saying they are going to apply.

1: Las Vegas. Obviously, they already sold 13,500 season tickets at 10% down payment.
2: Quebec City. Another obvious one. If they force them to do a ticket drive, I will laugh. Owners will announce a sellout before the NHL finishes the words "ticket drive".
3: Seattle. Like I said last month... a guy NOT named Hansen is building an arena and will apply. In Tukwila. This arena will be in direct competition with Hansen's arena. Will Hansen also apply?

I know the NHL is dying to get Las Vegas and Seattle in the league - but if Quebec applies; they already have an arena ready to go. It's rather asinine to skip Quebec just to even out the conferences when next season is the last year of the current alignment. Las Vegas and Quebec should be the two teams. Then you shift Columbus back with Chicago, St. Louis, Winnipeg etc...

Knowing the NHL - they will award it to Las Vegas and Seattle; that way Seattle can go head and build an arena. Then they can just sit on Quebec in case they want to relocate a team OR expand to 34 teams.

Deadline to apply is August 10th.