Unwated gifts


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What do you do with the gifts that you got that you cant find a use for, or just don't like in general?


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Kind of just let it sit in the closet. I don't like to throw stuff away that people get me, one because I might feel bad and two, what if they ask about it and ask to see it? Haha, what are you going to do?

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I don't care how tacky it is, I re-gift. I'll stick it in the closet until the next year and take it to one of the "White Elephant" gift exchanges.


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Muh! Misread the OP my bad... scratch my original post.

I just let them rot in the closet simple as that until a year or so has passed and I chuck 'em in the trash.
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o-- Rot in the closet.
o-- Give them to other family members after a period of time. I try to ask them NOT to tell the person who gave it to me anything about it.
o-- Donate to charity if I can. If it's worthy. ;)

The thing that sucks, though, is if the person who gave you the gift has hurt feelings over you not using your gift. I know some people like that and I hate when I have to explain why I don't use their gift. It's tough telling those people that I just don't need/want it.


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I tend to donate them to Goodwill a month or two after getting the unwanted gift.


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I usually keep those types of gifts around for a couple of years. After that I can throw them away or give them to someone else without feeling guilty.