Unwanted gifts?


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1. What do you think of returning gifts?

Situation: Someone gives you a gift and receipt in case you want it exchanged/returned.

If you prefer another color, or another item it can be exchanged to, etc., would you return/exchange the gift? Or would you never consider exchanging/returning a gift even if you know you may not really use it?

2. What do you think of recycling gifts?

Situation: Someone gives you a gift that you don't like. It cannot be returned nor exchanged. Would you consider recycling the gift? Meaning, giving it to another person (hopefully not in the same circle as the person who got you the gift :shifteyes:) as your gift? Or maybe make money out of it by putting it up for sale in ebay?

3. How would you feel if you know your gifts to your friends and family are returned/exchanged/recycled?


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1) Returning Gifts is ok, if it wasn't they wouldn't give you a gift receipt...but dont act like you love and then return i think you should let them know that you got a different color or different size

2) Wrong But after a certain time period understandable...as long as the persond never finds out :)

3) It would probably get to me but i think they all do anyways because im not good at shopping for others (i usually just bake them something and theres no way they will return it)


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1. I might exchange it to a different color or a different size, but not to a completely different thing. Or maybe if I already had what they got me, but usually I wouldn't exchange it all.

2. I don't do that because I feel it's a bit offensive to the person who got it to you, but it depends a little bit on what the gift was and who it came from. If it was a gift that you can tell that there was no effort behind, then maybe. Although I never done it, and probably never will. I also feel it's a bit offensive to the person you recycling it to too. It's too easy, a gift should have some meaning behind it, but again it depends if you're giving it to a distant relative or something.

3. It's ok if they exchange it to a different size etc, but I wouldn't like it if I found out that they recycled it. Especially if I had put a lot of thought into the gift, and they had acted all "this is great, I love it!".
1) If it's not the right size, color, something you don't want, ect... I don't see why it would be a problem to return it. If you don't want it, you don't want it.

2) I would just give the gift to somebody if they wanted it. I wouldn't give it as a gift for their birthday or Christmas, just one of those random "Here, you want this? It's yours." type of thing.

3) Same as number 1: if they don't want it, they don't want it.
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1. If I wanted another colour or something I would definitely take it back for exchange. Obviously they don't mind if they included the receipt with the gift.

2. I don't know? It would be quite nasty and if your friend did eventually find out it could potentially kill your relationship.

3. I guess, like others I would feel upset a little but everyone has different likes and tastes so I would accept that and I wouldn't mind that much if they took it back, if they gave it to someone else though, I would be quite upset.


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Recycling is good, even if it's regifting. I wouldn't feel bad if someone recycled my gift because I know it's probably going to be thrown away or sit there collecting dust if it isn't.

It's normal to exchange stuff anyways. I wouldn't wear an undersized shirt just to make the person happy. That's dumb.


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1) I would tell them I was going to change it if it was the wrong size or colour or something.

2) I would just give it to someone and never tell the person ho gave it to e that I did.

3) I really wouldn't care if they did. It don't bother me.


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Dad recycles gifts, its funny because he gets given all these expensive brands of aftershave and things like that, Giorgio Armani shaving stuff and he just lets me use it haha.
1. What do you think of returning gifts?

If they have given me the recipt and told me to change it if I find a colour or whatever that I like better, then I don't see a problem with doing that if it means I'll use the gift more :) I'd tell them that thats what I'd done though

2. What do you think of recycling gifts?

I wouldn't actually mind if someone did this with a gift I'd given them. Its theirs and they can do what they like with it, unless it was a personal gift. On the other hand I'd never recycle a gift myself, just wouldn't feel right...

3. How would you feel if you know your gifts to your friends and family are returned/exchanged/recycled?

Wouldn't bother me if they let me know thats what they were doing :D