Unusual Situations


For a Free Scotland
Have you ever been in a situation that was extremely unusual, perhaps unique? It could be romantic, in school or work, anywhere- has anything happened that was just plain bizzare?


One time I was in this porn store or "adult boutique" if you will and this girl asked me to grab her a VHS on the very top shelf, which was above my head. I reached for it, then I must have bumped it pretty hard because every movie on the shelf fell on top of me.
As I was talking to the attendant movies that didn't fall kept falling while we talked about how funny it was.

Maybe its not that unusual but I thought it would be fun to share.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
A few years ago I was playing golf with my dad, and as I was walking up to my ball this crazy woman picked it up and started walking away. So I said "Excuse me, but I believe that's my ball." She insisted it was hers. So I said "Look at the logo on the ball. That's my dad's company. In fact, it matches the logo on the hat he's wearing." She still wanted to take the ball, but finally she put it down and said "Fine, you probably need it more than I do", and she walked away. I was like WTF!
I told somebody I'd want to be a crocodile so I could drag people to their watery deaths. Needless to say everyone burst out laughing and I said this about 4 days ago.


Endangered Species
Some of the stuff I used to courier put me in some very strange situations. I have been the centre of attention being protected by a military convoy. I have also had police escorts and entered some very high security places(the ones that don't exist).

The wackiest has to be hijacked by Nazis whilst in Poland as part of a re-enactment for a promo.