Unsolicited advice

I need to say this, otherwise my weekend will be spent dwelling...yes, the little things do bother me.
Unless I ask you to correct my grammar, DO NOT think it's ok to do it. I am not going to sit and ponder whether something I just wrote is right or wrong, that's what editors get paid for...I am not an editor.
OK, I'm over it. TYVM
What if someone is an editor? It's the exact same as if you went around saying "Eye dot eye wuz cool." Maybe some people think it's rude or inappropriate. It's a courtesy thing to a lot of people, the ability to use correct grammar.

That being said I can agree with you. Excessive corrections over tiny things can get pretty annoying, and you may not have perfect grammar, but I've never hard any problems where I had to 'decipher' you post.

So yeah I agree with you, the corrections are kinda unnecessary.


rainbow 11!
It was me. <.<


Well, like I said, people using good bothers the hell out of me. I wasn't trying to be a bitch, it's just a pet peeve.