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Unrequited love, romantic or sad?


Registered Member
Before I begin I would like to include a quite that inspired the thread:

Person A: I wonder what sick part of me thrives on movies with these kinds of love stories.
Person B: The ones that end unhappily?
A: No. The kinds that never really end. I mean, think about it. To continue loving somebody even though there's no chance of that love ever thriving...that's romance.
B: That is tragedy.
A: Not all love stories have a built in happy ending,

Personally, not only in film but in life i happen to agree with person a. As depressing as unrequited love can be, when you feel so powerfully for someone that you think your world will come crashing down around you were the love not be returned? That is the stuff of beauty, great romance and poetry. Like the character in the quote suggest these tragedies are what make great writing.

But this is not a song, this is not a stage, this is not a set, this is life and can be hard, cruel unpleasant and unkind. Welcome to the real world. I have known this kind of love and I personally think it makes me a stronger human being, it has made me see things differently.

But how do you feel on this? Is it something that is wonderful or sad? Do you feel it a lot of the time?