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In feburary I found out some news that shattered me and I thought would change my life forever, that my best friend who was living in New Zealand had been gang bashed and died. I am still not over it. 30 seconds ago I got an instant message on MSN off his brother saying this

TrickyTrixta says: Hey britt are you there? I just wanted to let you know that I just talked to max on the phone and he said he's heading over to australia next month.
(Max being my best friend who until now I thought was dead).

Confused, I asked him how he could manage that if he was dead. He replied:

TrixkyTrixta says: You thought he was dead? Oh!! That was a joke, justin was supposed to tell you that he got out of hospital late feburary.

I signed out of MSN confused and my world spinning just as furiously as it had when I was told that he died. How could these people I thought to be friends trick me about something so serious? They toyed with my emotions, messed up my whole life.

Should I ever talk to them again? Should I forgive them? I know one thing, I will talk to max again... I have missed him so much and need him right now.


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Wow that is really strange. I'm sorry that they did that to you. At least he is ok, but, I know you must have mixed feelings about that too.

That is truly a very odd story. I don't think many people would blame you if you didn't talk to them again. That's a very very mean trick they pulled on you. Looks like they didn't mean for it to go that far BUT lying about something that serious is serious in itself.

There are some things that you just should never joke about. Furthermore, there are some things that even if you do joke about you should never let go for so long. This should never have been joked about in the first place if you ask me.

Hope you are alright dealing with the new news now.


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I'm not really alright with it. I find myself wondering how much of a best friend he could be if he went all this time failing to contact me and let me know he was okay. I guess there is always the possibility he had no means of contacting me. I can always hope


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Im not going to tell you what to or not too think dear thats all up to you.

Im just meh never mind i give up.


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Well, first, I would have to say that you should probably talk to him and find out why you friend didn't tell you.

Secondly, I agree, that that is not something that should be joked about. I had some friends that I went to school with do something like with each other and I happened to overhear what was being said, and I thought that someone had been hurt in a crash. If found out later, that it was running joke between the people that I had overheard talking about it. Even though it hadn't been a joke played on me, it did affect me.

Thirdly, I would say that you should take some time to think about your friendship with this friend, and evaluate that friendship. But don't make any rash, immediate decisions, but give it some time before you make a decision.

I remember how it felt when I found out that it was a joke. I know I was upset. Eventually I did talk to them about it and told them that I didn't think that was something that they should be joking about. They didn't really think about how what they were doing could affect others. This could be the same case, but it is something that you will have to decide for yourself.


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Hmm i still think the term friend should be used rather loosley the guy would have known what was going on and has made no effort to let it be known he was alive doesnt that say something or is it just me.


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Perhaps it is just you, I doubt it though. I'm going to talk to max again and find out what happened and if he knew about this whole thing and then make my mind up about how much of a friend he really is.

Anyways thanks for the advice matt... Luv ya lots babe <33 xox


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The choice is yours britt as it always is i may not agree with it as i often dont but you know whatever u decide at the end of the day il be with you to talk about everything etc.