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Unpopular Opinions

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Son of Liberty
The only Tarantino-Directed/Written/Produced movie that I've watched in full and liked was Pulp Fiction, but I'm a huge Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta and Ving Rhames. That said, Uma Thurman almost ruined it for me. I can't stand her.

Other then that, I haven't watched a full Tarantino-Directed/Written/Produced movie that I liked.
There were some scenes with Jackson and Travolta that I liked but overall it was a crap movie. I get the impression he thinks he's really clever with some of his dialogue but it comes across to forced to me.


Grindhouse was excellent. My unpopular opinion is that Death Proof is the better of the two movies. Which is saying a lot, considering Planet Terror is about zombies... and well, I love zombies. Haha.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Food related unpopular opinion:

Coffee is disgusting.
Beer is disgusting.
Anything with cinnamon is disgusting.

I know a lot of my friends love either or all of these three. Me saying that they're disgusting is probably equivalent to someone telling me that bacon is disgusting. My reaction will be wtf?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I dislike gravy

Wrestling is awesome. People who shit on wrestling should look in the mirror since it's no different than movies or television shows. It's not a sport, its entertainment.

Staying in is better than going out.

I'm sure there are so many more haha...if I think of others I'll add more but for some reason this is all I can muster.


Thought of a few more...

The Book of Eli is Denzel's third best film (Training Day & Man On Fire are the first two)
Sex is better with someone you don't love
Seinfeld is overrated (Except for George, that guy was pure gold)


Son of Liberty
Here's one I just thought of, Brett Favre is the most overrated QB in history. I base that on the reaction of many sports fan who hold him in such high regard and place him among the elites of Montana, Elway, Marino, etc...I don't think he's anywhere close.


I was watching Predator last night, and realized it's a better movie than Terminator 2. I know that's a very unpopular opinion. Edward Furlong complete ruined what could've been one of the greatest movies ever made. Not even the T-1000 could save that shrilly little girl's awful acting. Haha.


Registered Member
Whether mine are popular or not, these are a few opinions I have.
- It's ok for a man to hit a woman. Under certain circumstances. If women want to be treated equally, they should be able to handle all aspects of it. If you want to be treated equally like a man, you shouldn't make yourself a victim and say you're weaker when they do. If you're a women who acts like a man, get treated like one. It can't be one sided. You can't want equal rights when it's convenient for you.
- Another thing about men and women. Biologically, men ARE stronger than women. That's what they were made for. Women are emotionally stronger than men. Only because they have to carry a child. They need to be emotionally stronger to bond with the baby for 9 months. As far as the whole "Men work and women stay at home and cook, clean, and take care of the kids" thing, I agree with it, but it's not one of my morals. I don't firmly believe that those roles should always be assigned. It wouldn't be my lifestyle, but I don't find anything wrong with people who do live their life that way. As long as the women isn't being degraded or forced to live that lifestyle, and the husband and wife both agree on it and want to live that way, it's fine.
-Amanda Todd. Alot of people are saying that they don't feel bad for her and that she shouldn't of killed herself. That she could of handled it better. Well. I DO feel bad for her, and I am sad she killed herself, even though I don't know her. The fact is, it shouldn't matter how or why someone died (unless they're bad like Osama), the point is, they still died. She's not more important than other people who killed themselves, but she's still equally important. I saw her youtube video, explaining her story. The true story. I feel bad for her and I'll stand up for her against people who don't everytime. Yes, she could of handled it better. But you have to think about her age. She was 14. A 14 year old wouldn't be able to handle it as well as a 27 year old. Actually, age doesn't matter. Their maturity does. And if you saw her youtube video, she TRIED to handle it. She kept moving to different schools, and the people who knew her followed her. She tried to move on and forget about it, but they wouldn't let her.
- Guns. I think guns should be legalized. In one state, guns are legalized. Everyone has a gun. All you need is a driver's license and you can get a gun. That state is also the state with the least crime in America. Why? Because if everyone has a gun, you're not gonna try to rob someone who definitely has a gun too.
- James Holmes. The movie theater shooter. I think there's something deeper about that case that we don't know. He seems more innocent than what the courts are making him out to be. Im not saying he didn't shoot up the theater. But Im talking about his motive. Im not saying what he did was right, but I don't think he was crazy. What if, someone else forced him to do it? What if he had no choice? What if someone else threatened to hurt his family if he didn't? Im not saying that's what happened, but I really don't think he killed those people just to kill people. If you watch the court trial, and you pay close attention to him, everytime the judge says the word "murder", James cringes almost like he's repulsed by the word. Think about it.

I have more opinions on other things, but I can't think of them right now.
Here's another opinion I have. I feel very strongly about this.
And please, don't take anything I say the wrong way. I am no where close to being a racist.
I sincerely don't mean to offend anyone.

The "N" word.
Black people get so uptight when other races say it. Im not talking about the N word with the -er at the end. Im talking about the -a at the end. For example, I saw a video of a white girl doing a cover for Busta Rhymes verse in "Look at me now" He says nigga a few times. So she said it too.
SO many people were bitching her out for being a white girl and saying that word.
There is a difference between "nigga" and "Nigg*r". It was part of the song. What do they expect her to do? Fucking skip over it?

The second thing. This is the part I feel strongly about.
Slave masters used to call slaves "nigg*r". Right?
Nigg*r means ignorant person. Anybody could be called that, regardless of race. It doesn't mean "stupid black person" Race has nothing to do with that word.
Slave owners called slaves that to degrade them and disrespect them.
It's the same thing if you see a girl you don't like, she's a virgin and never had a boyfriend. But you call her a slut anyway. Why? To disrespect her. That's exactly what the slave owners did. I am in no way defending slave owners. They can suck a dick. Im simply explaining the origin of that word.

So now, black people are the only ones that are allowed to use that word. Fine.
But look at it this way, they're actually degrading their own race by calling each other that.
Even with just the "a" at the end instead of the "er".

White people too. White racists even use that word when they talk about black people.
When I was waiting outside to go into work, some guy was talking to me about my managers. He was a super racist. I have one manager, Dequan, he's black.
So this fucking faggot was like "You got all these Hindus in here and fucking indians. And then there's that nigg*r." And I was like... "Don't call him that. His name is Dequan." And he was like "What do you mean don't call him that? When I say nigg*r, I mean black guy."
WHAT THE FUCK? I got so pissed.

I don't know. I guess my whole opinion on that word is that people have changed it's original meaning. I don't say that word, not because Im scared, but out of respect. Even though I know the real meaning of it, I still don't say it anyway. But still. That was just my opinion and I needed to get it out.
I hope no one was offended, and if I did say anything offensive, you can let me know.
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Ja Rule>>>>>50 Cent.


Get Rich or Die Tryin' = classic.
The Massacre = good.
Curtis = trash.
Before I Self Destruct = trash.


Venni Vetti Vecci = great.
Rule 3:36 = great.
Pain is Love = good.
Blood in My Eye = trash.
R.U.L.E. = trash.
Pain is Love 2 = great.
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