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Unpopular Opinions

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My opinion has often been heavily criticized.


Free Spirit
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Some of my opinions are unpopular but that makes me like most everyone on here. If all of your opinions are popular then you might be a butt kisser.


I was hoping you guys would actually post some of your unpopular opinions. Haha.

I guess I'll go first...

Ja Rule makes excellent music from time to time
Mourning strangers on Facebook is a complete waste of time
South Park isn't funny
Joe Budden is better than Tupac
Kristen Stewart is hot
July 27th is the greatest day of the year
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Ok, one of my unpopular comments is that marriage can stay together for the kids.


Lol Kons. I love that one of your unpopular opinions is that Kristen Stewart is hot. I have to admit, I think you're the only person who I've ever heard say that. It is an unpopular opinion indeed.

Okay here's some of mine.

-Mankind in general is a plague on this Earth.
-Religion is ridiculous, and adults who believe in God are basically like adults who believe in Santa or fairy magic.
-Most of the world's food issues could be solved if humans stopped eating so much meat, or stopped eating meat altogether.
-American's gun laws are pathetic. No other country loves guns as much as America, except maybe some third-world countries. And people who say "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" are just trying to make excuses for themselves. People kill people WITH guns morons, a guns only purpose is to kill human or animal, it's what it's designed for.
-Most sports are boring, stupid and a waste of time.
-Wrestling is hilariously bad. What's even more hilarious is that some people take this act of dancing around in a ring and fake choreographed fighting seriously.
-Animals should not suffer for the greed and selfishness of mankind.
-Most Apple products suck, and that comes from someone who is typing this on a MacbookPro.
-Skyfall was only a subpar movie.
-The Avengers was better than The Dark Knight Rises.
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Problematic Shitlord
I believe in total equality amongst genders. This also means that if some crazy bitch ever tried to physically assault me, I'm going to do what I can to put her on the ground first, assuming of course there was no other course of action (just like I would do if approached by a male). Stop pretending that you believe in equal rights and then screech when a man defends himself against a woman, especially if you chime in with that lovely sexist favorite, "She's just a girl!"

Most parents shouldn't be parents.

People should be forced to retake their driver's test periodically. It will keep people up to date on newer traffic laws, generate state revenue and keep some of the duller, more insane people off the road.

Pulp Fiction was one of the worst fucking movies I've ever seen in my life. I could cut out a twenty minute set of pieces that would be far superior as a short film and none of those pieces include Uma Thurman.

Religion has no place anywhere in law, politics or anything that governs a large group of people that isn't a church.

I tend to judge vegans immediately as self important pricks because of how preachy they tend to be. I feel bad about it, but I know it's mostly because the vegans I know in my area are mostly that. I've met some pretty cool vegans too but it doesn't stop me from holding that opinion. Yet.

Being American does not mean owning a gun or small business. It means life in an environment of diversity, community and freedom. We currently do not embrace ANY of this.


Sally Twit
The Dark Knight Rises is better than The Dark Knight
Winter is more fun than Summer
Family Guy is still great
Sarah Jessica Parker is beautiful
Football is shit
Guns are evil
Fries are nicer than chips


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Here's another:

liberal ideas have corrupted society
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