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Unpack Mutliple Folders


New Member
Alright, so what I've got is a folder, that has two folders inside of it, each of which has 200-300 folders inside of them. Now inside each of those folders is a single file that I need to move to another location. (all those single files need to be moved into one location)

I'm not exactly sure how to word this, but is there a way to get all of those single files into one location quickly, without having to delve into each individual folder, one by one, and move the files one at a time.

If this makes sense :confused:, any help would be greatly appreciated



Secret Agent
Staff member
Are these folders named anything numeric or in order or are they all random? Maybe a .bat file could be made to do what you want but I'm not sure. Would depend on your directory file structure.


Sssssuper Platinum ******
Hmmm. I have an idea. I would try to use the search feature in windows.
Once it is loaded in the "All or part of the file name" put "*.*"
In "A word or phrase in the file" you would leave that blank.
Under "Look In" click the drop down box, got to "Browse" and select your first major root folder.

Hit search and when you get the list, Click on "name" to sort.
Leave the folders alone and highlight all the files. Copy (or move if you feel confident) the files to your new location that you want to store.

Repeat for the second folder once you are done.

The only problem I guess you might have is if a file is duplicated either in the first folder or in the second one.

Hope it help. ;)