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Unorthodox Money Making Ideas


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Example Number One:

Women who like to "help" men. There are more of them out there than you may think. A loosely knit "traveling sisterhood" if you will who keep in contact via the latest and quickest technologies. Anyway, they don't want your money. They don't need it. They all own shares in Karex, or some other such company that offers protection for the helpers and helpees as well as many other products in that arena. If you think about it, it's a self-fulfilling business model because as long as you have women who enjoy helping men, you will always have men who need help. It's not the world's oldest profession when it happens in this way, and it's a "sin stock" that may have it's ups and downs, but it will always end up performing well. A blue chip if there ever was one. So if you play the market......there you go

Example Number Two:

The U.S. Military, their contractors and suppliers. Even though you don't don't hear of everything the military does,they are constantly in one conflict or another in some part of the world. They would be deemed irrelevant if they weren't, so they make sure sure they continue to be a self-fulfilling business model like the one above.

Countries and/or communities are constantly in need of getting rebuilt when the Army and Marines do their jobs right, and this is where the contractors come in. If their company isn't on a major stock exchange, their parent company will be.

The military is also constantly upgrading their weaponry and ammunitions, so the manufacturers are also another good stock to play. I first heard of this method of picking stocks when I was in the military 30 years ago, and business is still booming.Some of the richest people in Washington are the ones who support any and all war efforts. For example, I used to think that John "I never met a country I couldn't make better by bombing the snot out of" McCain was just an old-fashioned crazy war pig. Turns out, he's crazy like a fox that invests well. Just like the women in the first example. You might think they're just loose, socially inept party girls, but there's a method to their madness as well.

Of course,you don't have to join the "traveling sisterhood" or the military to play the stocks that make them both money, but what you can do is this: Remember these formulas that makes a business a self-fulfilling one, recognize them when you research companies and invest in them. It might just be the smartest financial move you can make.

If you don't have a moral or ethical compass that is.

While you're at it, look at what David Bowie......yes....THAT David Bowie, did with his music catalogue. Talk about an unorthodox way of making money.


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There are many unscrupulous ways to make money out there. You have to use your moral compass to decide what is right and what is not. Beware of anyone bearing free gifts. Mostly just a come-on.


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You could try nude modeling for a college art class. They usually take people of all ages and sizes. There's also busking, especially if you live in a highly populated area and have some talent.