Unlimited money


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In the One Wish thread a lot of you wished for unlimited money. Now I'm wondering what you need unlimited money for. What would you do with it?

If I had unlimited money I would definitely do a lot of traveling. Other than that I'm not sure. I wouldn't go crazy with houses and cars and stuff I don't really need. I like buying nice things, but I don't need a 30,000 square foot house and $100,000 cars. I just want a nice house that is small enough to be cozy. Maybe a small cabin in the mountains with a lot of land for a getaway house. And two cars, neither of which would be over the top fancy.


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There's so many things I would do with unlimited money, first off I would buy a couple of sports franchises, one in baseball and one in hockey. I'd try to buy the Canadiens and Bleu Jays.

I would buy a lot of nice looking cars, I would travel a lot, buy fancy houses on the beach.

Man! I could do a lot with unlimited money.


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If I had unlimited money, I would get a 50,000 square ft house and buy some cars. Before all that, I will pay off the bills I have first. I would also take some vacation and donate to charity.
I would own everything and everyone. I doubt I'd change much with my money I would just own it. Countries would be ran the same way I'd just be exempt of the laws :p. I would abuse my unlimited amount of money as much as possible.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
:lol: The greediness doesn't surprise me.

I forgot to mention that I would donate most of my money to charity.


with the unlimited money i would try to get the best education in some of the most prestige universities in the world. Education needs money as well so that's why.

i love traveling. i'd make sure to go anywhere without a doubt.

i'd make sure to go to every concerts of my favorite singers all around the world.

i'd buy a good car, house and everything i need for a living.

i'd create on organization for animal's rights and i'd give any money for charity.

with all of these i'm not sure if i'd buy happiness and love.
If I had infinite money, inflation would :mob: . Anyhow, I'd get lynched/assassinated within microseconds of inheriting infinite money. :sigh:


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With unlimited money, I'd make sure I and those around me [my very large family and very closet friend [not plural] would live well.]

Apart from that, it would be philanthropy all the way. I personally would chose who get's what.


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I've never been outside of Europe so I'd want to visit a lot of countries. I'd like to buy a nice house so that I can have a dog. The downside to living in this flat is the no pets rule. I'd take up driving lessons again and buy a nice car when I passed my test.
I'd make sure my family were well looked after. My parents have done so much for me over the years that I'd like to spoil them a bit.
Finally, I'd start my Counselling course as I'd be able to afford it!