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Unleash the FURY


Registered Member
So, since I can't post blogs I'm going to make this into a gripe-session thread. Feel free to post about anything currently annoying you.

This fucking kid is really pissing me off. He comes over, doesn't eat a goddamn thing we cook for him, then gets up when we're asleep and eats poptarts, cookies... he drank an ENTIRE HALF GALLON of milk today. I got up to have cereal and there was nothing left.
And then there's the fact that anytime anyone disciplines him (i.e. sits his ass in the corner, we're so mean :rolleyes:) he runs around at school telling teachers and anyone else who will listen that he's afraid we're going to kill him, that we force feed him, that all we ever do is yell at him...I really WOULD like to beat his ass, the little shit is sooooooooo spoiled.


Registered Member
Exile him to Soviet Estonia, where we serve spoiled little liars with apple sauce and fried potatoes.