Nintendo 64 Unknown Title for this mystery 64 game...

There was this N64 game that I used to play. I remember a town area with streets. and you could get into like trucks and other such vehicles, or choose to walk around. There might have been weapons or different scenarios that could be played out....I really dont remember much, but I remember that it was a cool game. Can anyone help me out?
no..not goldeneye...and i posted it twice, because the first post was in the wrong part of the site, and because nobody was hitting up replies...


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Just because no one replies, doesn't mean you post it again, that's called being annoying.

Your description of the game is incredibly vague, just look through gaming sites like IGN or Gamespot and look through the N64 titles.


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well I replied to the other one, and I gave a good suggestion too, so I'll give it again.

you might be thinking of Gex 64 it matches the full description that you gave. but the description was so general that it's hard to tell which game you are talking about.
I myself wouldnt post it so vaguely, but my girlfriend was curious about the game, so I thought to come here and ask. She knows that it isnt gex...she said that she would have remembered the 'cute green lizard'>


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Just get Goldeneye, it's all you really need. Maybe with a side of Mario 64, and some Turok. But Goldeneye is the only thing that really matters to the N64.


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Try looking around on other sites I'm sure that you can find it, if you remember any of the characters names that would be good also. it would also help if you remembered some of the levels names and maybe what year it came out in.