Units of Measurement


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I just read about the BigMac Price Index as a measure of purchasing power parity. To estimate the cost of living in another country, you just ask how much is their Big Mac and you compare it with yours. :lol:

Do you measure other things in different ways? For example, when explaining a distance to someone you won't use miles/kilometers but rather minutes, football fields, blocks, etc.

Are you good in conversions too?


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Ahh.. so that explains why they started (10 years ago) putting up McDonald's branches all over the country.


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I'm a pretty tall guy over 6'3" and I often refer to distances in terms of myself. Don't ask me why. As in "the pile of used diapers is 6 of me away." Which is not far enough.


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As in "the pile of used diapers is 6 of me away." Which is not far enough.
The conversation that lead to that had to have been an odd one.. lol.

I sometimes use things like football fields, car length, etc but mostly I stick to meters or yards when I can.

I actually think it's stupid that America uses inches, feet, yards, etc when the rest of the world doesn't. There's no way we can change now though. So many things in our society function around those measurements. Even down to the structures of our houses and buildings with 2x4's (inches) and 1 foot x 1 foot tiles, etc.

10 foot basketball hoops. The measurements for the lines on the courts.

Football fields in yards, etc.

ysabel you were probably thinking of European Football fields when you mentioned that? If so then that comparison won't work anyway. Euro Football (Soccer for us) fields are a lot longer than football fields. Much wider too.


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Haha, right that would be confusing too. Someone tells me it's 3 football fields and I have to ask which football. :lol:


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Honestly I've never really done any of this. I'll point to something and say that far away or maybe the size of a room? Who knows. It's just as bad giving directions.


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I use houses to gauge height, I know a two storey house plus roof is usually about 25ft so its nice and easy to visualize other heights.

A sack of potatoes are 25kg standard so I use those to gauge weight.

A pint of beer for fluid volume.

I use a mixture of Imperial and Metric and can switch comfortably between the two; sometimes I'll use ounces sometimes grams, sometimes I'll use miles sometimes kilometres, sometimes pints sometimes litres.

It usually depends on the subject to what I use. If you are in a car and ask me how far the beach is(?) I would say in miles, if you were on foot I would say in kilometres. When you goto the shops there is not a standard either, products come in all shapes, weights and sizes but are always labelled with both.

EDIT: Price of a BigMac? I have not got the slightest idea.
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In here when you're looking for flats, you can see signs like "5mn from the metro". Or restaurants/big stores would put signs on the street "2mns from here". :lol:
I can convert most human heights and weights to the standard system and to the metric system. But that's because I read a lot of nba mock draft sites.


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I just stick to the basic measurements (yards, pounds, etc). I do wish we used the metric system as well since it's so much simpler, but oh well. I know about what some of your basic conversions are, nothing too impressive.