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United 93 Movie


Secret Agent
Staff member
Has anybody seen this yet? I want to see it but haven't had the chance yet. It came out yesterday and is getting great reviews in most of the major media.

It's a movie about what could have happened on the 4th airplane that was hijacked on 911.


It was done with respect for all of the relatives of the victems, and the movie makers actually went and talked with all of the families to see if they would be ok with them making the movie..

I am hoping to see it soon and will post my thoughts when I do.


Registered Member
I've been waiting for this movie for a long time. I have this weirdo thing with airplane crashes which I won't go into here ('cause no one would believe me!) but I am really drawn to this kind of film, especially since it appears to have been very well done.

Even though I wasn't living in the US at the time, I still can't get those images out of my mind.

It's a really stupid show, but "Ghost Whisperer" last night had Part 1 of a two-part end of series show that features a plane crash too. I'm kind of surprised that they decided to show that particular episode on the same day the United 93 movie came out - I would have thought the network would have timed it differently.

If you see it before me, let me know how it is Andrew. I probably won't get to it until later next week.