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Unistus Igavesest Päevast


Lion Rampant
For the last three days, this mourning dove has appeared over my house and cooed its soft call for hours. Strange, because I don't recall hearing one here before. I remembered what Elana said about the 'forty days' tradition and I couldn't help but wonder. I'm sure that others are having/will have similar little moments in their own lives.

YouTube - dove

Tonight, by fortunate accident, I found another beautiful song which I hope can bring peace to the heart, even though it happens to be sung in Estonian. I've printed an English translation of the first two verses below.

YouTube - Evelin Samuel - Unistus igavesest päevast

(Dream of an Eternal Day)

Rainbow is above the sky
Every cloud has its own color
I stand up to my waist in water
With white flock of birds surrounding me

White hair in white foam
Hands wet from the play of waves
Maybe now my soul can rest
When the day never ends...


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V.I.P. Lifetime
Something I am not sure if you had noticed, or maybe knew. Katrina, when she became an escort was known as "Trina Aare", this is done as a safety measure. But did you notice who posted the song?


Lion Rampant
Elana, thank you for sharing that oddly coincidental detail. For this past week I've been thinking about one unchanging law that governs the entire Universe and all things within it: Energy can not be destroyed.
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Tucker, sorry that I didn't mention this before, but that is a beautiful song, thank you for sharing it.

My head was stuck in the irony of it.


Lion Rampant
That's understandable. Credit for the find really isn't mine, anyway. All I was doing when I ran across the video was googling Katrina's username because I still didn't know what it meant.

I don't want to pretend that she and I were ever more than acquaintances. The best I can say is that I (and probably a bunch of others; I don't know) privately talked Katrina out of leaving when she was new here and most members still didn't know what to make of her. If anything, I just have a tendency to notice some things that certain people would interpret as 'signs.' If a conduit were actually desired, I might be a logical choice, if that makes any sense at all.
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