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Discuss Unique Christmas traditions


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It's only a week till Christmas and I know what that means to me. :D But what does it mean to you? Will your tree be decorated the day before Christmas or was that already done? What activities are happening or will be happening? What traditions do you follow for Christmas?

I know that on Christmas Eve, after everyone's in zzz land, mom will put the Christmas Pickle on the tree. It's a large (4-5") green pickle ornament that will be hidden in the tree. It's an old German tradition and the first person to find the pickle will be the first one to open a present on Christmas morning!
Christmas starts early here and we always have pies and candies and stuff a week before Christmas with a few decorations but never the tree till Christmas Eve. And the music is always classical - rarely carol type music.

So, what traditions do you have for Christmas? :)


We don't do it so much anymore, but my family used to almost always have waterfights on Christmas. Since Christmas in Australia is usually a dry hot Summers day we would often have a bbq outside then spend the rest of the afternoon attacking each other with hoses, water guns, buckets of water etc. Good times.


I don't personally celebrate Christmas like Christians because I'm not Christian but as I've already said, I hope to go to Macedonia with a few mates.
I'm sure we're going to have a blast!!! :D
I'm pretty excited about that!

I don't do anything traditional, as you can guess.


Haters gonna hate.
Although I am an American, my family and I celebrate the standard Brit tradition of the Christmas Crackers over Christmas lunch after all of the presents are opened.

Additionally, we also have this really fun order of opening presents. We alternate first, going from my dad to my mom to me and then my sister. After the first round we then jump around by having my dad ask random trivia questions that whoever answers first gets to open a present next. It's actually a really fun way to stretch out the gift-opening process.


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Nothing beats Christmas eve midnight mass. My mom is Catholic.My fellow doesn't feel the same about it.
What I have seen of Hanukkah is very charming as well. I like blessing rituals.


Sally Twit
I always go to my parents on Christmas Eve and stay there until the day after Boxing Day.
On Christmas Eve we have a buffet and then head to my mum and dad's local pub for some drinks.
Wake up on Christmas Day all excited and wait for my sister and brother-in-law to come over so we can open our presents.
My grandma and great uncle come over about 11:30am and we watch them open their presents and we open our presents from then.
Lots of food is consumed throughout the day and after everyone has left me and my parents watch cheesy TV for the next few days haha.

My partner goes to London to be with his family every other year and unfortunately this year it is their turn to have him. I know I should probably go there too but I really love Christmas at my mum and dad's. I'd hate to break tradition.
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