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UNICRU Job Applications (and similar)


Problematic Shitlord
Have you ever taken a UNICRU application?

Personally, I hate 'em. If I have to take one, I ask for a one-on-one with the manager instead because they're so impersonal. UNICRU, for those that do not know nor chose to open the link above, is a job application process that takes 30 minutes to 1 hour depending and instead of the simple name, number, address, reference, etc procedure, it asks you around 100+ agree/disagree questions in order to rank how good of an employee you'd be.

Questions are things like, "Janet is one hour late for work but she says it's because she had to talk with her daughter's teacher before class. The manager lets her off without punishment. Is this fair? (Strongly agree, agree, none, disagree, strongly disagree).

I don't like them because if you're smart, all you do is lie and you get the job.

Anyone else loathe these things?
Can I also add how dumb some of those questions are?

What are some of your favorite questions you've been asked?

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blue 3
UNICRU is the biggest waste of time ever. I absolutely can't stand taking them. I've never had a problem getting a job because of them, it's just annoyin. I'd rather get to talk to the manager and have a real interview, like you said.

I remember when I applied at Target i got a question that essentially said

"I think it is fun to phsyically assualt my co-workers, and plan to do it on a daily basis."

I read it and started laughing, I mean really, who's going to be stupid enough to put "Strongly Agree" to that?

Anyway, I understand that time is money and they feel like they save time this way, but I think they also miss out on really good potential employees through a flawed screening process.


Problematic Shitlord
Exactly, that's the point I forgot. I remember thinking that to myself, that they'd lose out on good employees and instead get stuck with bad ones who simply cheated the system.
Are you kidding me? No one else has used UNICRU or something similar?
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~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Yeah I had to do one of those a few years back. i find them a stupid waste of time.
The thing that kills me is that they ask the same question but reworded a few questions down the line.

There are so many ways you can mess with someone while doing one of these stupid things. But I don't recommend that you do it unless you don't want the job.