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Unharmed man shot by police officer...


The return shall be legenday!
I saw this all over twitter today. One story is not better than the other...I have no issue with what the folks ferguson are doing. I'm not going to say anything further until the whole story comes out.


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How about the 95 year old man that was tazered and shot by bean bags which caused his death... in the middle of a nursing home... because he wouldn't go to the hospital for a urinary infection.

What's that? They don't care? Ok then. What about the 30+ black men that were killed in Chicago last week? What's that? They don't care? Ok then.

A white cop shoots a black teenager after he shoplifted and assaulted the owner... and the world goes nuts. I have no problem with seeking justice and wanting a fair investigation... but holding a city hostage night after night. Looting stores... Sorry, I have a problem there. Having the leader of the Black Panthers in the middle of the road demanding for the death of the white officer... another problem. Doesn't that register under hate crimes? Or is it ok because he and the 100 people chanting or a minority?

You do not demand justice for what you think is injustice with injustice.

I'm one of those people who want to see facts, truth and justice. Not get free hair extensions because I heard a bunch of rumours of what happened... "shot twice in the back"... might want to check that autopsy again, then check the second autopsy...


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Gotta be honest, all this coverage of the Ferguson shooting here in the states is getting to be really, really irritating. No matter how hard I try to avoid it I just can't, I've had to block people on Twitter cause of it.