unfriendly roommates

so me and my boyfriend moved in with these friends of ours who used to really like me but now they for some reason hate me.... they told him he could live here longer than we originially agreed if i moved out... i can go live at my dads but he wants to stay here. they arent saying i have to move out but if i dont they might make us leave earlier than planned... what should i do?


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woah... that is kinda crazy. Are you 2 on the lease? or are they just letting you guys stay there to be nice? Obviously, if the 2 of you are on the lease there is nothing they can do about it, but if you aren't... then there really isn't much that you guys can do because they can say that the deal was you guys would move out when they needed the space back or something like that... The only thing I can say is to do things to make them happy. Clean up the living area or the kitchen... Cook dinner. Things that they don't want to do for themselves, so they won't want you to leave because you are doing it.

Are your roomies guys or girls or a mixture? I moved in with some roomies and we were just all way too different, so basically I stayed in my room 99.945% of the time and just stayed out of the way.
i guess i should explain more..... i sit in my room all the time and dont bother them. i clean every night and do the dishes and pick up after them. we pay over half of the rent of the house that is rented but i only use one room basically of this 4 room house. rent is 500 a month total for them and there isnt a lease, we pay 300 a month.

they think i remind them of bryan, the guy roommate's, ex girlfriend. the roommates are a boyfriend girlfriend or actually engaged couple.
Will your dad allow your boyfriend to stay with you and him also, or just you? If your dad allows your boyfriend to stay too, I say move in with him, save money for an apartment and help around the house while you're living there. If not, then you might want to consider moving in with your dad while your boyfriend stays with them.
i think thats what i'll have to end up doing vilky cause my dad wont let my boyfriend stay there. i wanted to live with my boyfriend but these people wont be happy with me no matter what.
I think you should come live with me....:nodshead:

Or just go find a job for the time being/something to do to get out for a while..


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So in this case you are dealing with a jealous girlfriend.. and well, really, I don't think there is anything you can do to stand up to that. If you remind them of his ex, I can see how having you around could cause arguments and make for an akward situation, but at the same time they should have considered all that before allowing you guys to move in.
i guess the thing that makes me most mad is that after i moved out they came to my boyfriend and were like "ok now that shes gone we can have fun, lets go to the strip club tonight and we'll invite a girl over for you this weekend and have a party..... then last night they were gone for the guys birthday and my boyfriend asked them if i could hang out at the house while they were gone but they never replied...


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Thats rediculous.. Why does your boyfriend want to associate with them if they are like that?
I'd kill some people who thought they were going to talk about bringing my hubby a girl to the house. How disrespectful...