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Movies Unexpected


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A lot of the time, especially in recent films, I often know at some point during the film what's going to happen. The plot is either very familiar to me, or ultimately very predictable.

Yet, there are some films that go beyond this and actually manage to lend some truly surprising moments. I'm not just talking 'twists' which often are not twists, but just - well- slightly revelatory points of the story, but are still noticed a mile off. -- I mean, parts of the story where you actually sit up and think - 'Well, fuck me. I didn't see that coming.' In so many words.

Please share the scenes, bits or whatever of films that surprised you. As in, you didn't expect that to occur, in that film.

A film like 'Sideways' - is truly unpredictable. It seemed to go with its own weird style, and so when it came to
retrieving a misplaced wallet from a redneck 'cock-guzzler' or crashing a car into a tree
- well, I didn't expect any of it. -

Whereas, in the more formulaic 'action flick' like 'Unknown' which I saw at the cinema today... well, I didn't see the -------- coming - I won't spoil it, because it's only just come out - I'll fill in the rest when time enough's passed for this to be in DVD bargain bins. Unless anyone else fancies hazarding a guess at the bit that surprised me.

Anywho. Please share your film surprises... The stuff you did not expect.
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Sally Twit
Best to put the scenes in spoilers, HES.

I'm going with The Mist. Those of you that have seen it will know what I'm going to say before you read it.
The ending of the film. I knew he was going to shoot them all but I had no idea that if they had waited a couple of minutes longer they would have all been safe! I thought it would end where he got out the car and you wouldn't actually see what happened to him. I thought it would leave you thinking how he died. It made me feel so horrible after watching it. I'd definitely say it's the greatest ending to any film I've seen.