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Unemployment rate faked before 2012 election


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Explosive Report: Census Bureau faked jobs numbers ahead of 2012 election – Glenn Beck

Don't you just love it when someone blatantly lies to you and doesn't care.

The unemployment rate was reported at 7.8% even though it was actually 8.1% for September before the 2012 election. This is a big deal because unemployment is one of the key factors in examining how the US economy is doing. No president has ever been reelected with numbers above 8.0%. This is fraudulent, the Census Bureau was aware of the fraud, and we heard nothing about it?

So what I gather from this is that the job numbers AND Benghazi were both being lied about in order to keep Obama's image as clean as possible before the election. Oh, and of course, the rollout of Obamacare is conveniently placed and/or delayed around future elections because they know it's going to perform poorly. Absolutely disgusting. Obama was reelected on lies.



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From what I've been reading this was one employee of the census bureau that was trying to fill his quota. He should be fired and the higher up at the census bureau that told him to make up information. I doubt Obama had anything to do with this but the census bureau should of told the truth as soon as they found out about it. Sometimes employees do stupid things.

Buckmon, it turns out, was a very ambitious employee. He conducted three times as many household interviews as his peers, my source said.
By making up survey results — and, essentially, creating people out of thin air and giving them jobs — Buckmon’s actions could have lowered the jobless rate.
Buckmon said he filled out surveys for people he couldn’t reach by phone or who didn’t answer their doors.
But, Buckmon says, he was never told how to answer the questions about whether these nonexistent people were employed or not, looking for work, or have given up.

Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report | New York Post
It seems that stuff like this has been going on for years and needs to stop.

The meat of the article doesn't actually say what the title and introduction claim it says. The alleged fakery was not a pre-2012 thing, but rather something that had been an issue for years.

Here Are Some Issues With That Report About How The Unemployment Rate Was Faked Before The 2012 Election - Yahoo Finance


Heavy Weapons Guy
Couple of points Highlander. That article you posted does have a important points like it being region based. I'm not sure why though it should matter if it has been happening since before 2012. Should less heads roll? Take this quote you pulled from the article above:

The meat of the article doesn't actually say what the title and introduction claim it says. The alleged fakery was not a pre-2012 thing, but rather something that had been an issue for years.
Does this in fact insinuate that the same thing was done in the run up to the 2010 election? I think that article you posted in response simply takes us further down the rabbit hole.

Here was the key line I read in the original article:

Buckmon told me in an interview this past weekend that he was told to make up information by higher-ups at Census.
Does this indicate that it might be more widespread? That is the question we really want to know. Although if we learned anything from the IRS scandal, if there is indeed a wider issue than just this case, the government will just stonewall and make sure the conspiracy stays covered up. That is if this is in fact more widespread that the example laid out in the article, and since the instructions supposedly came from a superior, we at least need to have an investigation to find out what the hell those morons are doing over at the Census Bureau.

Not to mention the fact that they already calculate the unemployment in a deceitful way to begin with. There are so many people who are simply not counted to make the denominator of the fraction seem less when compared to the numerator.