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Undeserved Punishments


Son of Liberty
Ever get a punishment for something you didn't deserve? Maybe you took the fall for something someone else so to save them and sacrifice yourself? If you have, whats your story? Is it a funny one? A sad one? Please do share!


I recall getting in a referral or "Step" as they were called at my high school for "Breaking Wind in Class" as the description read, and the box for "Disrupting" was checked :hah:

But heres the story and what really went down. It was my Sophomore year in school, my Chemistry class... 1st day back from Winter break which for us was a new set of classes. I chose my seat in the middle of the class next to a friend of mine I'd recently met just earlier that year. So as class rolled along we found it was boring and so minor under the breath chatter started up. One thing led to another and the friend of mine started making the Under the Armpit noise (please tell me I dont have to explain what that is). So naturally I laughed, which caught the teachers attention. The class went dead silent and my friend did yet 1 more fart noise that was heard by everyone.

The class erupted into laughter and the teacher was enraged. Because I was the first one he caught laughing... he blamed me, wrote the step and sent me to the office. When I showed my counselor (who was a very very respectable man who later became the Principle of the school my senior year) he laughed and told me I could just hang out in the office until that period was over.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
All the time, there's to many to count. Me and my twin brother always got in trouble by our parents when we were younger, sometime my brother would take the fall even though it was my fault, and other times I would take the fall even though it was his fault. It pretty much even up itself.


Oh, poppycock.
All I have to say is I'm an older sibling. Of course I got blamed for things I didn't do.


No Custom Title Exists
Yes, especially at school.

Being told off for talking, when the person was clearly talking to me, being distruptive when some other idiot said "Aleks, stop hitting me" and I am on other side of the room.


New Member
I have a younger brother, he is 3 years younger than me. When I used to live at home, I would get blamed for most things and would receive most of the punishments because I'm the older one and suppose to know better.


Sally Twit
When I was in school (about 10 years old at the time) there was a phone at the top of the stairs which was by the staffroom. There was a girl who had a reputation for doing any dare you gave her so I dared her to call the police from that phone. She did it and then hung up when they picked up, and they traced the call and came to the school.
The headmaster called everyone into the big hall and said he wanted whoever did it to go to his office before the end of the day. She must have been feeling bad because she ended up telling him that she did it because I told her to.
We both ended up getting called to an office where the headmaster was shouting at me saying he didn't expect that from me and that I'd really let him down! The girl who actually did it was just sat there grinning and she never got a telling off!
I remember thinking of course it was bad that I dared her to do it but she was the one who actually picked up the phone! It's not like I was holding a gun to her head.

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