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Underwear Bomber challenges constitutionality of Life Sentences


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Underwear bomber challenges life sentence ? USATODAY.com

It seems his argument is twofold, both that a life sentence is cruel and unusual punishment, and that he doesn't deserve one anyway.

His argument that he doesn't deserve it is pretty lame IMO. He attempted to commit mass murder. But it doesn't seem completely unreasonable to think of a life sentence as cruel punishment.



I think he deserves it.... so the bomb didn't actually go off, what if it had? He intended to kill 300 people. He didn't end up doing it, but it was his intention. A life-sentence seems fair to me. If he's fine with trying to kill 300 people once, who knows what he'd do in the future if they let him go.


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The term is "cruel AND unusual". A life sentence for attempted mass murder and terrorism is not unusual.

He should have been given a military trial then shot.


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I don't think a life sentence for him is cruel or unusual. That's what you do if someone tries to commit mass murder. He tried to kill 289 people and if he could he would do it again. Of course he is going to say anything to try to get out of that sentence.


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lol foiled

He attempted to murder 289 people, and only didn't do it because his bomb malfunctioned. A life sentence is more than fair, IMO.