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Movies Underrated/Rated/Overrated


aka ginger warlock
Simply enough concept, take three films and rate them in the above categories, feel free to comment on others opinions but keep it respectful.

Underrated - The Blair Witch Project
Rated - Halloween
Overrated - The Lord of The Rings


Tamer Of The LOLzilla
Good thread, I'm assuming that by rated you mean a film that's totally deserving of the praise it's received?:

Underrated: Vanilla Sky - So many bad reviews but I find it moving.

Rated: The Dark Knight - One of the few films to live up to its hype

Overrated: Pirates of the Caribbean - This could also win most overrated franchise ever


Cool thread.

Underrated - Friday The 13th (2009). The best horror remake/reboot of the last decade.
Rated - The Departed. One of the best mob movies of all time and one of DiCaprio's best films to date.
Overrated - Avatar. A big, blue gimmick.


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Underrated: Spider-man 3 - Everyone seemed to hate this film i thought is was the best of the trilogy.

Rated: Star Trek (2009) - Wasn't a fan of the old stuff but this was awesome.

Overrated: Scarface - I had to force myself to watch this, don't see what the big deal was about it.
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Problematic Shitlord
Good thread, I'm assuming that by rated you mean a film that's totally deserving of the praise it's received?:

Underrated: Vanilla Sky - So many bad reviews but I find it moving.
Watch the original, Abre Los Ojos. You'll understand why people hated it. At least I kind of did.

Underrated: The Fifth Element. It's a cult hit but it really deserved a lot more. It was such a strange movie but so charming and fun at the same time.

Rated: Thor, I was happily surprised to see that the film was as good as I read.

Overrated: Every Twilight film. Shit acting, shit story, shit characters, shit, shit shit. It's pretty much a give in since the books are some of the most awfully written "successes" to have ever hit the shelves. You can't take shit and morph it into gold.


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I like this thread.

Overrated: Clerks. Look, Kevin Smith has his moments, sure. But anyone who has worked a 2nd shift job, a convenience store job, and overnight job, or hung around such characters knows that there is a lot more quality material to fill that time with. It was impressive as an independent film--damn impressive. However, the film has its place but not the one in which is currently rests, I would say.
Rated: Inception. Not too bad. It wasn't killed with D-bag quotations, it was handled with measured hype, and it was a film people actually discussed. It was thought-provoking.
Underrated: Last Action Hero. A self-critiquing, comparatively humble, introspective commentary on not just the action genre but on the construction of hero archetypes in both reality and our inner psychology. I love this film and I honestly don't see enough mention of it. (It's a dream within a dream...:lol:)
Wait, I HAVE to add another overrated film...

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Problematic Shitlord

I watched Juno and sat there the whole time thinking "When am I going to start liking this?"


So many awkward moments in one movie with a hipster wet dream sound track, definitely not as good as people made it out to be.


Underrated: Sucker Punch (Not the best movie ever, but I enjoyed it a lot and it in no way deserved all the shit that it got from critics)

Rated: V for Vendetta

Overrated: The Social Network