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Discussion in 'Boxing / MMA' started by Thunder, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Thunder

    Thunder Registered Member

    Name fights that were at their time rated very good but have lost their shine when people mention ''classics''.

    Some that come to mind:

    Zaragoza vs Banke II

    Morrison vs Ruddock

    Benn vs McClellan

    Spadafora vs Dorin

    Gatti vs Hutchinson

  2. Southpaw

    Southpaw Registered Member

    Bad signal in Thailand at the mo.. This is the 3rd time I've done this list.. Hope it posts..
    There's hundreds.. I'm just gonna spin them off as they come into my head.. No format, no order.. Just 'must watch' for any boxing fan..
    I'll put the winning fighter first, unless otherwise stated..
    A lot of these fights are on U Tube, but if not I'm happy to give my analysis..

    Thompson Eubank 1&2
    Hamed Kelly
    Barrera Hamed
    Morales Barrera
    Barrera Morales
    Pacquiao Morales
    Morales Pacquiao
    Pacquiao Barrera
    Marquez Barrera (draw)
    Fenech Nelson (draw)
    Mugabe Green
    Tyson Ribalta
    Tyson Nielson
    Tyson Green
    Hagler Roldan
    Hagler Hamsho1
    Hines Hilton
    Bramble Mancini
    Cerdan Zale
    Zale Graziano
    Bruno Witherspoon
    Holmes Bonecrusher
    Coetzee Dokes
    Page Coetzze
    Duran Moore
    Leonard Lalonde
    Eubank Watson 1&2
    Pazienza Dele
    Holyfield Quawi
    Moorer Botha
    Botha Etiene (draw)
    In Jin Chi Brodie (draw)
    Benn Wharton
    Holmes Snipes
    Lyle Shavers
    Foreman Lyle
    Cobb Shavers
    Benn Logan
    Andries Harding
    Harding Andries
    Corales Castilo
    Castilo Corales
    Pryor Arguelo 1&2
    Sanchez Nelson
    Monzon Griffith
    Monzon Benvenuti 1&2
    Spinks Sutherland
    Hearns Kinchen
    Hearns Oladjide
    Paez Grove
    Bruno Cummings
    Calzaghe Mitchell
    Lewis Mercer
    Tyson Ruddock 1&2
    Froch Taylor

    There's loads more to!...
  3. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I would like to get an analyst on your top three my friend. It's probably hard to choose from that large list, but I am still interested to know a bit about your top three.

    I am still thinking my through, I will post some them later.
  4. Thunder

    Thunder Registered Member

    I wouldn't say some of them are underrated or forgotten.I mean Zale-Graziano is one of the best if not the best trilogy ever.

    Yet I've heard a lot about Brodie-Chi I.Tell me about this fight.I never watched it.
  5. Southpaw

    Southpaw Registered Member

    On that list, it would have to be...

    1. George Foreman vs Ron Lyle... This fight was Ring magazines fight of the year in 76.. It was shortly after George had lost his title to Ali, and was intending to look good against Lyle.. Lyle had other plans though, & set about Foreman with intent, knocking him down 3 times.. By the 5th, Lyle had punched himself out & Foreman took full advantage, pummeling Lyle into a corner to force the stoppage.. Lyle was also knocked down once earlier in the fight, but I can't remember what round..

    2. John 'the beast' Mugabe Vs James 'hard rock' Green... This was a great fight, and Mugabe's first taste of real war.. Up until this fight he'd KO'd 19 in a row (8 in the 1st) & was unbeaten.. Green was very similar to Dwight Quawi, sawn off & stocky, with a 15-3 record.. He had a tough reputation & was considered, the right guy to test Mugabe.. Well the matchmakers were spot on.. He gave Mugabe pure undiluted hell for 8 rounds, at one stage having the beast out on his feet.. Mugabe just about held in there to come back and overwhelm Green in the 10th.. This is a cracking fight with a lot of hard punching..

    3. Marvin Hagler vs Juan Roldan... Although Hagler's always said it was a slip, Roldan is the only man credited with knocking Marv down.. 4h round, I think, & it looked like a punch to me.. But the fight itself is terrific.. A real slugfest with both fighters taking punishment, but as usual, Haglers iron will breaks 'the hammer' in the 10th..
  6. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I remember watching Foreman vs Lyle it was a very good boxing match. Can you tell me a bit about the match between Tyson and Green?
  7. Southpaw

    Southpaw Registered Member

    The Zale Graziano fights were classics indeed.. I should have indicated, being (my fav) the 1st of the 3.. Only reason it's on the list is because it happened so long ago, some people may not have even heard of them.. As for all the others, if people like us don't keep bringing them up, they soon do become forgotten.. With regard to Benn McClellan, I'd say that was a particularly unforgettable match, and is on a lot of people lists..

    Michael Brodie had 2 fights with the South Korean In Jin Chi.. They fought twice for the WBC featherweight title in 2004.. Both fairly brutal encounters, the 1st fight a draw, with Chi winning the return via 7th round KO.. Brodie suffered serious facial injuries in both fights, retiring shortly after one further challenge for the WBO title, getting KO'd in 4 by Scott Harrison.. Brodie was a successful British & European champ with 35 victories & only 3 defeats but just missed out on the big one.. Chi on the other hand successfully defended the title twice b4 dropping a DC to Takashi Koshimoto.. The last time I heard, he'd won the title back from Rodolfo Lopez (DC) but I believe Chi has now moved up in weight..
    I don't have tapes of the Brodie fights, but can assure anyone that both are cracking tear ups, and highly underrated..
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