Underlying Strategy



  Card Name
         Positive effects on deck
         Negative effects on deck

High Level Monster

  Dark Magician of Chaos
    +Major Field Presence,  used spell, SS ability,
     -Removed from game once removed from field

  Dark Magician
    +Easy to summon, minor field presence
     -High level for low ATK points

  Dark Magician Girl
    +Low level for 2000-2300
     -cannot stand to most 6 star monsters

Low level Monsters

  Breaker the Magical Warrior
    +destroy with spell trap, Beatstick,
     -non comes to mind

  Gemini Elf (2)
    +Beat Stick, minor field presence
     -no defense in some situations

  Skilled Dark Magician(3)
    + Beatstick, Sac with requirement for powerful card.
      High Defense with high ATK
     -Non to be seen.


  Cyber Jar
     +Destroy field, hand refill, evens playing field
      -FLIP effect

  Mystical Elf
    +Good defense, good sacrifice card
     -No offense

  Spirit Reaper
    +Forced hand discard, nearly undestroyable
     -being targeted by anything kills him

    +Reduce one monster damage to 0, ("goat control")
     -0 field presence


    Mystical Space Typhoon
     +quick play, s/t removal

     +defense, Goat Control
     -takes up monster slots

     +Goat Control
      -Only works with goat control

   Magical Dimension (2)
     +Optiontional monster destruction, SS abilty
      -only works for spellcaster

   Lightining Vortex
     +Monster Removal
      -minus card, face ups only

   Smashing Ground
     +monster removal
     -highest defense, face up only

   Nobleman of Crossout
    +removal of face downs, monster removal
     -might destroy ones own FLIP monsters

   Dark Hole
     +Mass removal
      -kills one owns monsters

   Dedication Through Light and Darkness
      +SS Chaos
       -Deck filler, usless after Chaos is removed

   Brain Control
      +Change of Heart effect
       -Face ups only

   Swords of Revealing Light
     +Stops all attacks for three turns from opponent
      -takes up S/T space, can be removed by a card

   Premature Burial
      +Monster Recycled,
       -Equip, can be destroyed

   Heavy Storm
       +Mass S/T removal
        -Can kill one's own S/T

   Monster Reicarnation
       +Reuse monster to hand
        -discard another card from hand.

       +Monster Removal
        -Face ups only

Call of the Haunted
     +Monster Recycled,
      -Semi-equip, can be destroyed

  Sakurestsu Armor
     +Monster Removal

  Bottomless trap Hole (2)
     +Monster Removal
      -Does not negate effect of summoning

Torrential Tribute
      +Mass monster Removal
       -Requires a summoning

Super Junior Confrontation
+slight field control, stops one attack and force another monster to strike
  -slightly situational, there weakest might be stronger tham my weakest

  Spell Shield Type-8
        +Stops spell, does not always need a discard
  Magic Cylinder
         +Negates an attack, deals attack to opponent
         -does not end the battle phase

  Magical Hats
        +Thins deck, gets rid of fillers, adds defense
         -slightly situational

vampire lord

i would try 2 spirit reapers. other than that it looks good. could you r/f my "pure ownage version 2.0" deck?


Alright, both of you said add two reapers, but V. lord, you suggested nothing to take out.

Killa kid- Thank you for the suggestion, but taking out lighting vortex might hurt me dueling style, though I have considered adding another smashing Ground. Also, I am seriously holding off on dramatic changes till the new ban list. Plus, with two magical dimensions, Reaper could end up hurting me strategy wise. I would like to add the second reaper though, anyone have an idea what I should take out? (cannot be a spellcaster or kuriboh, he stays no matter what...favourite card ya know?)
Thank you, both of you.
Anyone else got a suggestion?