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So, I have a couple of Underarmor shirts at home, but I rarely take them to the gym or on me for jogging. I know they're suppose to show off your physical features and all, but I just find them too tight and annoying when I'm working out. I like to wear it after working out or when I'm haning out with friends, but not during a work out. How about you guys?



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Well UnderArmor is suppose to act as a "second skin". It’s not supposed to be wicked tight, but sit on your skin.

I'll wear the heat gear (the tightest stuff) during a workout because it helps transfer sweat away from my body. Only the shirts and the underwear I wear because I don't have much clothing form UA.

When chilling at home I'll wear the cold gear (if I'm cold), and some all season gear out and about because it's just comfortable.


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Only wear it when I work out. I just got into it recently cuz cotton was chaffing my nipples when I ran.

I originally own one of their lose shirts. I liked there shirts for working out but I wasnt into their tight stuff.

At first I hated the tight stuff but I bought some reebok fitness gear one day cuz it was onsale (since reebok got bought out by adidas its not surprising) and it was just like underarmor.

Now I own 2 additional pairs of genuine under armor (tight) and I like working out in it alot. Though it shows off my bulk it also highlights my stomach and my lack of a six pack since Im slightly overweight.


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I have wore them since first week I started Gym, because I knew that cotton is going to bother my nipples when I am running on the treadmill. I've got the shoulder short ones.


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I like to wear these "dry-fit" shirts when I exercise. They tend to dry off faster and won't soak up sweat and get really cold. I don't wear the really tight kinds though.


i wear under armour all the time when i pitch. it's real nice because it doesn't cling or stick to your skin when you throw. i've used other stuff like adaias and niek stuff and it's really not in the same park as this stuff.