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Under Armor


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I have a knockoff version of one of their shirts. Seems to work well for long hikes or keeping warm.

I'm pretty sure you are paying for the Under Armor name if you buy their stuff. ;)


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Under Armor works great! The pricw sucks. I found out that Spandex works the same.

Also you might want to look into solar fleece and the good olf fashioned Thermals. If ya mix thermals with spandex you will be warmer than you have ever been in the winter.

Trust me on that. I lived in some of the coldest places on this ball of rock.

If you keep your feet and head warm then all is good.


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I heard that Under Armor was created by an ex football player becaus ehe kept sweating a lot and came up with the product. I have a few of their shirts and they do work. I would say it's worht purchasing.


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Nike makes a version of Under Armor that works very well in the cold and the heat. I wore it in the summer when I was working outside, and Im wearing it when im at work now that its starting to get very cold and such. The Nike brand is cheaper. If you want a brand name, go on ebay and look around,


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I have a bunch of North Face shirts and long underwear from REI that I use for hiking and camping and stuff. They're cheaper than Under Armor and they work really well.