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Under age drinking


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This is kinda of a spin off from my "ever been in trouble" thread but one I feel is something that impacts everyone. I remember when I was 16 or 17 (about the time I was in sixth form in school) I remember going to the pub on a friday night, it was the thing to do, the place to be seen and from what I can remember neither of my parents objected as long as I didn't get into trouble, I know I never deceived my parents about my where abouts but should I and my parents have been punished in hindsight? In the eyes of law what I and my parents were doing is against the law obviously and I should have been refused entry or being served but do you think there is a portion of society that turns a blind eye in a "we all did when we were young" sort of an attitude? If you are a parent would you want your kids to drink in a responsible way so as to respect alcohol or would it be strictly no alcohol until legal age?


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I am currently 19, and I have drank.

Underage drinking for me is not viewed as a bad thing unless you get caught. My parents do try to stop me sometimes (I am by no means a drunkard) but I just don't listen to them sometimes.

I do not condone heavy, and public underage drinking, but if it is done privately and with a small group, I find that it is fine.


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I definitely drank when I was under age, quite heavily too. Started when I was 15. My parents used to buy me a certain amount, and my friends would come round and we'd get drunk. They liked to supervise our drinking, But then I always had older friends who would buy me whatever I asked for, and i'd go out to parties and the likes and get smashed. I probably drank more when I was under are than I do now. I'd probably go about it the same way as my parents did with me if I ever have kids
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I've been drinking when I was about 7 or so. I've never been a huge drinker and never gotten drunk.
We don't have laws against underage drinking, over here so I haven't broken any law, nor was I prevented from drinking.


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I drank a lot when I was underage. My parents didn't condone it and would never buy alcohol for me, but they didn't give me a hard time about it either as long as my friends and I were drinking responsibly and not driving drunk or getting into trouble. As a parent I think I would be the same way. I'd definitely be a lot more lenient about it when my kids are between 18-21.


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America's drinking age is 21 so yeah, I drank plenty before I got to that age. The drinking age being 21 here is a different topic for another time.

My Dad always let me drink when I was underaged. My Mom would always yell at him haha. There were times when I came home drunk and underaged but I was able to hide and was never caught.

For whatever reason it was a lot of fun to drink when you "weren't supposed too."


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7 years old, Elly? Really?

The biggest reason I hardly drink alcohol today is because I spent most of my teenage years getting drunk all the time. I didn't like who I was back then and I associate drinking with that time. I also get very bad hangovers and I am one of the few people in the world that actually lets that stop them.
My parents didn't know I was drinking all of the time because I'd always stay at a friend's when I did it.
My dad always tries to buy me a drink when we go out and gives me a dirty look when I ask for a coke haha.


Well the legal drinking age in Australia is 18, and most kids start drinking at around 14/15/16 etc so yeah, most people have drunk before 18. There are some exceptions to the rule though. Nothing wrong with having a drink at home with your family before you are 18. But it's illegal in public places, bars, parties and you can't buy alcohol before 18.


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7 years old, Elly? Really?
Well, if we're going with when we had our first drink I was probably 9 or 10, my parents gave it to me, and it was watered down with lemonade, so 7 really isn't that bad. I don't think she means she drank all the time at that age.


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I have no problem with underage drinking as long as you are responsible. Don't do anything stupid when your hammered, ya dumbasses. A guy in my school was killed a with a friend a few months ago because he drove his car drunk.