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Discussion in 'Dating & Relationships' started by Major, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. Major

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    Pretty simple question here: Is true unconditional love in a relationship possible? Please explain your answer.

  2. idisrsly

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    For me personally, I would say yes, unconditional love is possible in a relationship. But we are a generation of consumers and as such, relationships are equally as disposable/replaceable as your outdated mobile phone, or laptop or shoes or handbag!

    It's becoming easier and easier to discard something that can be replaced with a better version and people take that mentality into their relationships as well, imo. I think it is about your mindset going into a relationship. Are you going into it with the intention of giving it your all till the end, or are you happy to cut your losses and run at the first sign of trouble!
  3. Rectify88

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    These days even though for guys the mentality for guys that they have to rescue the beauty is still there, once they rescue they want to rescue another one because they put to much of themselves into doing it. The for relationships to really work is you have to love your spouse like well for me it'd be the way God loves you. But she can't be a substitute for God because when you have her that's it, theres no more mountain to climb and men end up climbing down and going to climb another mountain. Unconditional is self sacrificing, and how can you do that unless you understand what great sacrifice is to begin with.
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  4. Tucker

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    I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "true." It's possible to have an effectively unconditional love, in which neither party is taken beyond his or her limits for the duration of the relationship. In the end, though, superlatives like 'unconditional' and 'perfect' are ideals we aspire to which can never be met, much like the modest but always unreachable goal of a 'pain-free' life.
  5. Wade8813

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    I disagree - I'd say that while it won't come up for most relationships, I think there are some where they've been put to the test about as much as is possible, and they endured.

    I had a conversation with my friend about this a while back - what are the worst things that a spouse could do to betray me? And do I think I could forgive her? To me, that's when you know you love someone unconditionally - when you can honestly say "Yes I could".
  6. Tucker

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    She could cut off your penis, Wade, and feed it to a dog. Are you sure you'd forgive her that?
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  7. AngelsPeak

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    I've given this thread a lot of thought since you posted it. As much as I'd love to say that "yes, there is such a thing" and even have, I guess it really isn't possible.
    Don't we all go into a relationship or even look for a partner with certain expectations as far as what we want? Aren't those conditions?
    I'm not sure "unconditional" is a reasonable expectation in a relationship, especially when there are factors that could cause a shift in what someone may feel for another person.
  8. Hiei

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    I'm with Angels on this one. My love has conditions and if you break those conditions, you lose my love. I can only think of one relationship that I have that would have an unconditional love. And that's the love for my pets. I love them as much as I can and I have little to no expectations for them. I train them, I take care of them, and I love them.

    As it comes to my partner, I have lots of expectations of her. Like Angels said, I have requirements for her to meet, and if she doesn't meet them, I won't lover her as much. I don't expect to take care of her, I don't expect to have to bathe her, feed her, clothe her, train her, so on and such forth. But, I view love in much the same way that I view respect. You have to prove to me that you are deserving of my love, and once you have my love, you have to maintain it. My love can be lost and it can be replaced. I've had way too many people abuse my respect and trust, and without respect and trust, in my eyes, there is no love.

    But to answer the question, I do, actually, think that there is a such thing as unconditional love, but I think it's a lot harder to have that kind of love for your partner than it is for your children, other family members, or even for your pets. Your partner holds a very special place to you and are generally held on much higher standards than anyone else that you have in your life.
  9. EllyDicious

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    While I agree with everything you said, I'm not sure if I agree with this.
    You don't have to bathe or feed her....
    but maybe you should take care of her when you're living together and she's sick? That's one part of taking care and if you don't then what kind of love could that be?
  10. Hiei

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    I'll give you that. My train of thought was more along the lines of taking care of her financially. She should have a job to make her own money while I'll have my own job to make my own money. I'd expect her to take care of herself the exact same way that I'd expect her to expect me to take care of myself.

    I'd take care of her if she were sick, but I wouldn't go to work all the time so that she could sit at home doing nothing.

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