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  1. Dabs

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    I see this happening a lot......in places such as bus seats, airplane seats......movie theater seats......when you are sitting and someone needs to get out, and they have to go in front of you.......does it make you uncomfortable??
    They only have 2 choices....either they face you, or they put their ass in your face~
    Which do you prefer??
    If have to make an exit from such seat, and have to excuse yourself in front of another, do you face them??.....or squeeze your butt in and pass them butt facing them?? ~LoL~
    I solve this problem quite easily,.......when I go to a movie theater, I always take an end seat...always! That way, in the event, somebody from the middle seats needs to get out...I don't have to scrunch my legs up or feel uncomfortable....I simply stand up and off to the side!

  2. faith1806

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    what a funny question. everyday i take a bus, and sometimes go to movies, i never notice the questions. just pass by like the wind, lol
  3. oxyMORON

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    Well it depends if it's a guy or girl and if the girl's hot or not :D kidding kidding.

    This happens a lo in class, especially in big lecture halls. People usually show you the butt. I do too. It's easier to move down the aisle that way. You want to be able to lean forward into the chair in front of you in case you lose your balance.

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