Uncomfortable Situations?

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  1. EllyDicious

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    Let's suppose you have feelings for the ex/partner of someone you know [just a friend../close friend/relative/brother/sister(F/R/B/S)].

    There are 2 cases:

    1- the person you seem to have strong feelings for, is in a relationship with your (F/R/B/S)

    2- the person you're loving is not in that relationship anymore.

    1- for the first case:
    a) that person doesn't seem to feel the same way:
    you would be like:

    I)"no, i'd rather stop thinking about her/him since she/he is the gf/bf of my (f/r/b/s)
    II)" it's ok, nothing can stop me from thinking about that person, but i won't do anything.
    III)i wanna make him/her feel the same though she/he is in a RS with my (F/R/B/S)
    -IIII) i can't wait for the relationship to be over so that i can make him/her mine and make him/her feel the same about me, after that.

    b) the person you're into, seems to feel the same way.

    I) Damn, so uncomfortable, we can't do this, even if they would break up. i can never do this to my f/r/b/s
    II)we can be together if the RS is over
    III) time for action. we should let him/her know that we love each other no matter what.

    2nd case:
    he/she is an ex now.

    c) ex still doesn't feel something for you:

    I) i would give up
    II) it's my (f/b/r/s)' ex and still feel not comfortable knowing this.
    III) it doesn't matter anymore. i can make him/her mine

    d) ex feels the same way:

    I) YAY! Now it's the time.
    II)NO . still not comfortable . what if my f/r/b/s still loves him/her?
    III) better give up! ugh ...

    Has it ever happened to you? what did you do? if not what could you do?
    or the situation changes from a friend/close friend to a brother/relative???
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  2. ysabel

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    a. If he doesn't feel the same way I pick II and IV. Basically, it's do nothing and at the same time wait when he's available. It would be nice to move on too in the process.

    b. If he feels the same way then it's II - we can be together when his relationship is over.

    c. If he's still not into me, then give up.

    d. If he's into me then yay.

    Of course this is assuming that I really have strong feelings for this person and that this person hasn't done anything to my f,r,b,s that I wouldn't want him to do with me. Karma is a bitch.

    And no, none of these situations has happened to me.
  3. EllyDicious

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    Ok. i see it's not a problem if this person had to do with your friend/sister

    anyway, i would feel really uncomfortable knowing this guy was my sister's ex or my close friend's ex. or even more if he's in a relationship with my f/sis.
    i don't know ... i don't think i'd ever put any eye on that person anymore.

    maybe, being the bf/ex of my friend would be different from being one of sister.
    i would consider getting in a relationship with him, even if he's an ex of my friend(if he feels the same way)...but i wouldn't do that if he's an ex of my sister/close friend.
    it's just weird. i wouldn't want my sister(supposedly i have one) or my close friend to date my ex. he's an ex for a reason and seeing him kissing her..ugh..i don't know ...
    it's not that i would feel for him anymore ... but it would be like my sis telling me "see? .... now he's mine .... passed from you to me ... "
    how weird is that?? :shifteyes:

    so i would mostly give up in every situation...but who knows ... never say never.
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  4. ysabel

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    Well, I was going along with what the hypothetical situation has given: I already have strongs feelings for the person.

    In reality, like I said, these situations have never happened to me. It's probably because once a guy becomes a boyfriend/partner of my close friends or my sisters, I automatically see them as brothers and getting attracted to them is next to impossible.

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