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So, they are planning to make this great game into a movie. People who have played it, how do you feel about it (and people who haven't)? I may boycott it completely, because I know how they like to rape video games when making them into terrible, cliche movies. I am sure they'll get someone who will bring in money but won't look even the slightest like Drake and will probably add some twist that'll just piss me off and make it about something totally different. but who knows, they could surprise and put out a decent movie. Or maybe just cancel it all together, my fingers are crossed.

Who do you think should play the major characters?


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I haven't played Uncharted, but what I've seen from commercials, it has potential to be a movie. As long as they don't ruin it. For the characters.. Might sound weird, but the guy from the eHarmony commercials reminds me of the main character, whatever his name is.



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IMDB has it slotted for 2011.

I'm sure there are some people out there who could play Drake... Problem is they'll probably get some goober like Shea LeBouf :hah:

"Drakes Fortune" was a spectacular game. I havent played "Among Thieves" yet, however both I've heard nothing but raving reviews. Drakes Fortune was already movie like to begin with. I believe there is potential, I mean its a Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones kinda game... so hell yeah I'd see it if its just one more excuse to go to the theatres ;)
I agree, with Drake's Fortune you defintely felt like you were in a movie and Among Thieves feels even more like one. Screw the movie, they should bust their ass and get Uncharted 3 out by 2011 instead. I would much rather own that. ha.

I don't know if he'd actually work as Drake, but for some reason I get this guy stuck in my head...

He may have to lose a few pounds and may be too old. Ha. But I would take him over Shia LaBeouf any day and he was great in Slither. Haha.


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Uncharted was its own cinematic experience. Making a movie of something already build in the form of a movie is vulgar and won't add anything to the 7th art.


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I think I could see Colin Farell being a good match

Kim says Jake Gyllenhaal



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I love the games (damn owning a xbox now and being unable to play them), and will go see the movie. If they make it anywhere nears as good as the game then it'll be worth paying the money to see.

Funny thing ice, I was just thinking Colin Farrell would make an excellent Drake, then tah dah, I scroll down and you beat me to it. Great minds think alike huh?

Another good one would be Hugh Jackman, but I guess he could be a little old.
Oh man, I hate Colin Farrel and am praying he doesn't somehow land that role. Haha. There's a few places around the net saying there are rumors of Hugh Jackman playing Drake... which is retarded and would be an epic disaster - so thankfully they're probably just rumors. Ha.

If I couldn't convince the people to NOT make this movie, I'd at least try and steer them towards a CG movie - like Resident Evil: Degeneration - except have the original Uncharted team write it, make it and voice act in it. Maybe just a 90 minute movie to catch us up between Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3, or just a stand alone adeventure. I'd much rather watch that.
Beat me to it Impact, by seconds. Haha.
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I'm telling you, with a good diet and exercise routine, Nate Fillion would be perfect... or hell, Nolan North, the guy that voices him could work. He's acted before, but isn't well known.