Uncapped Season


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I really think that an uncapped season will really hurt the NFL. The salary cap is one of the best parts of the business side of football. I really hope that a new CBA is reached before we're forced to see big market teams buying up all of the good free agents. The small market teams like Indy and Green Bay succeed in this system because of the salary cap. The Jets, Giants, Redskins, and Cali teams will start hoarding all of the best players and there will be a major talent shortage for the rest of the league. Just look at the serious lack of quality starting pitchers in baseball. Each team should have one or two aces, not a whole rotation full.

The same goes for the NFL. Where is the fun in a team that has an entire Pro Bowl defense with uber-talented skill players that are horribly overpaid for? The NFL would start running short on WRs within a season or two of not having a cap.


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I don't think if the cap is gone for one year it'll be too bad but if it remains like this then I have some concerns. Mainly the Washington Redskins. Their owner is filthy rich and they are one of the most profitable franchises in sport. Their pockets are like the New York Yankeers...endless.

I hope there's a cap NEXT YEAR as well though...I just have more fear if its gone for good then I am concerned for just one season. Because if its uncapped this year and capped next year then you could screw yourself over potentiall.y


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I agree I hope a new CBA is reached soon, I don't like the idea of not having salary caps. It's worked great for the NFL and would like to see it extended.